Client Stories

Client Stories

Single Sign-On Solution

About the company: Redlands Community Hospital, a 205-bed acute-care facility in Redlands, California, has grown to more than 270 board certified physicians, 100 health plans, 1400 employees, and 300 volunteers.

Business challenge: Doctors, nurses and health care administrators spend their days in constant motion, but as they shuttle from task to task, they face a recurring interruption that seriously hampers their efficiency. At each location, these professionals have to login and recreate their desktop environment. Sweeping away such repetitive, time-eating tasks is key to increasing efficiency and creating a friendlier, less-tedious IT environment for health care professionals. In addition to finding an end-user solution save time, they also needed to decrease the demand on their limited IT staff.

Jawdrop Solution: Redlands Community Hospital's deployment of VDIworks desktop virtualization software, a Jawdrop Development technology partner, and Virtual Infrastructure Management System was so successful that InfoWorld named it among the 100 most innovative IT implementations in the United States. The system, which manages more than 80 virtual machines across the facility, has allowed Redlands to replace 120 PC workstations.

As a result of the project, Redlands was able to reduce the number of PCs used, while strengthening asset and data security and eliminating security issues related to traditional PCs, which can easily be tampered with or stolen.

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Our new system enables Redlands to focus on our core mission – providing stellar patient care.

Richard Gagnon
Director, Information Systems
Redlands Community Hospital